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At MahaRaja, we go beyond the expected to create unique Eco resort experiences.

This applies even to diving, as we want to create a one-of-a-kind Raja Ampat diving experience for you. Our electric solar powered boat will take you to the best spots all around Batanta – our dive area in Raja Ampat - and you will have the opportunity to take part in a vast variety of exciting diving expeditions and activities. 

With MahaRaja you will go diving in the most untapped and pristine dive sites in Batanta. Here, you will be the only diver - surrounded only by marine life and the magic of the ocean. You will not find these dive sites in any Raja Ampat list or book, as they are unique to MahaRaja and we can guarantee that you will be astonished by them!

Another unique experience you will have at MahaRaja is the night dive. You will dive with a special UV Fluo torch, which is invisible for the marine life and is not disturbing their sleep, their mating or their night activities. Thanks to a special filter, you will see everything, and you will see them in fluorescent! Imagine yourself immersing in the ocean, in an ‘Avatar’ mood, and you will have a sense of the unforgettable night dives waiting for you.

Explore our menu to see some of the things we have in store for you:

Leisure Diving

Eco Dives: Fun, safe, eco-friendly, local

Eco Dive Plus: Eco-friendly diving with a twist

  • Fluo Night Dive

  • Underwater Photography

Eco Dive Events: Fun competitions and events to test and expand your underwater skills

  • Underwater Photography Contest

  • Seasonal Underwater Events

Diving Education

PADI by MahaRaja: All PADI courses include additional MahaRaja Eco-modules.

  • General PADI courses:

    • PADI Advanced

    • PADI Rescue

    • PADI Dive Master

  • PADI specialist courses

    • PADI Deep Dive

    • PADI Drift Dive

    • Peak Performance Buoyancy

Contribution Diving

Local Exploration: join us in fully exploring and documenting the ocean bed of Raja Ampat 

Local Mapping: help us map Batanta’s new and amazing dive spots 

MahaRaja Eco Agreement

We share MahaRaja Eco Agreement with you, as a pledge of our joint respect for Nature:


I will not harm or kill any marine life 


I will not harass, bother or disturb any marine life

I will not touch anything underwater; with hand or with stick

I will not walk, stand or kick on corals or any other marine life

I will not use any disturbing torch light on marine life

I will not feed any marine life 


I will not leave any trash, including cigarette buts, in the ocean

I will not put any toxic product, including sunscreen, in the ocean


I will allow my dive/snorkel guide to correct any damaging behavior I exhibit towards marine life

Raja Ampat diving - MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge - Dive sites map

Diving in Raja Ampat with the MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge - Batanta dive sites map

Curious? Contact us to find out more and book your trip to MahaRaja!


Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving
Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving
Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving
Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving
Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving
Maha Raja Eco Dive Lodge - Eco Diving