Our Vision

Pioneering a new era of eco-tourism! 

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Our vision is to pioneer the new era of eco-tourism!

Our mission is to inspire change by creating the best Eco resort in Raja Ampat and by creating a memorable eco-tourism experience for our guests from around the world. As part of this, our aim is to create the perfect Environment for you to have the best complete Eco Lifestyle immersion experience, to enjoy the ocean and nature, to connect with other Eco Lovers from across the world and to contribute to the preservation of the ‘Last Paradise on Earth’ - Raja Ampat.

To achieve our goals, we strive to: 

  • Develop a community of eco-lovers to create, try, share and contribute to new eco-ideas and initiatives;

  • Educate, promote and spread an eco-friendly lifestyle by providing the best Eco Lifestyle immersion experience;

  • Contribute to the preservation of Raja Ampat so others can enjoy this paradise - now and in the future;

  • Live and collaborate with the Papuan community and to introduce our guests to their way of life;

  • Share our profits with the local community in a sustainable manner to enable them to enjoy more prosperous lives;

Our vision inspires us not only in how we live our lives as individuals but also in how we do business. 


Be touched by the MahaRaja experience. Be part of the new era of eco-tourism!