Get ready to start packing


What to bring: 

  • T-shirts, top tanks, shorts;

  • Light long sleeve shirts and long pants for sun protection;

  • Swim wear;

  • Flip flops for chilling and shoes for trekking;

  • Sunglasses;

Other items:

  • International plug adapter for electrical devices (local plugs are European double pins)

  • Power bank, ideally solar power bank

  • Portable speaker

  • 10 to 15 L dry bag

  • Torch

  • Camera, ideally water proof and suitable for underwater photography

  • Any personal medication you might need

  • Guitar, ukulele, banjo or any other portable music instrument you enjoy playing

  • Any books and magazines you may want to catch up on or share

  • One bottle of your favourite alcohol from the airport duty free (except beer, alcohol is difficult to find in Raja Ampat)

  • Any used clothes, shoes, sunglasses, reading glasses, dive gear, portable music instruments or other items you may want to donate to the local Papuans

Most importantly: 



Download these offline apps on to your mobile phone: English/Bahasa Indonesia translator, offline Google Maps of the area, GPS locator, Skyview or StarTracker, DGS Tides etc.

What to leave at home:

  • Plastic bags of any kind!

  • Non-rechargeable batteries!

  • Polluting personal hygiene and care products! We will provide you with a full set of organic natural products (complimentary soap, shampoo, tooth brush and tooth paste) and you can buy organic natural coral-safe sunscreen from our shop)

There are no plastic or battery recycling facilities in Raja Ampat. Plastics, batteries, chemical and non-natural pollutants will eventually end up in the sea. We are doing everything we can to preserve the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. Your support will be key to achieving our mission.