Your Stay At MahaRaja

A memorable and unique experience that will impact you for a lifetime!

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Be transported by the magic! Follow the rhythm of nature and the ocean and reconnect with your true self.

The MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge is located on a cute private island called Dokri. You will experience the magic of this island resort, which is beyond the reaches of the outside world and will have an exclusive, relaxed and “feels like home” stay. We have only 5 bungalows. You will feel like you are on your own private island!

Waking up to the gentle sound of splashing waves and enjoying the enchanting view of crystal-clear ocean waters from your bed will become your morning ritual to start the day feeling inspired and bursting with energy.  

The comfort of your over-the-ocean traditional Papuan bungalow, called Honai, and your private wooden terrace will make you want to stay in your Honai forever, but the appeal of the many activities involving the ocean, nature and community will be sure to get you out of bed.

As an Eco resort, you will appreciate that every experience at MahaRaja is designed to immerse you in our complete Eco Lifestyle. The delicious fresh bio vegan meals, the organic hygiene and care products, the diverse Eco-activities and everything else will rejuvenate you and help you to realign with your own natural rhythm.

You will discover that acting in harmony with nature and the ocean makes everything effortless, bringing a deep sense of relaxation. You will feel refreshed, energized, enchanted and at peace.

Come find your own little piece of paradise on Earth at MahaRaja, the best sustainable Eco dive resort in Raja Ampat

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Be transported by the magic!