When to go to MahaRaja?


What's the best time to go to Raja Ampat? 

Being located exactly on the equator line, MahaRaja is a great travel destination all year round. Snorkeling and diving are possible during the whole year in Raja Ampat!

Our resident sharks, turtles, bat fish, bump head parrot fish, pipe fish, octopi, scorpion fish, big schools of fusiliers, jacks, snappers, sardines, butterfly fish and all their friends will welcome you to their home at any time of the year. Our neighbor mantas, dugongs, dolphins and orcas also pay us a regular visit. For macro lovers, the MahaRaja reef is heaven twelve months a year.😉

The air temperature is between 25⁰C to 32⁰C and water temperatures are between 28⁰C and 31⁰C.

With a tropical climate, it is not rare to have short rain showers during the day, followed by by bright rays of sunshine. There are no pronounced rainy or monsoon seasons in this area. We truly live in paradise! 😊