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I finally found a place to completely unplug and get away from everything civilization holds dear. 7 days in and it is a different perspective of the world. The island has everything you need even things you couldn’t be aware of. Spend your day snorkeling and diving around the island or just do nothing. It’s your call and the whole beauty of it is to make those choices or simply don’t. Life here moves at its pace and you learn how to go with it again.
— Paul K, Seattle - USA
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Love the look of the lodge, blending into its surrounding. Very private from outside world, a very good spot for escaping, meditating, relaxing and chilling. The visibility of the water is amazing. The from the lodge, in the water, all angles are breathtaking. The lodge has put a lot of effort in eco-friendly, which is hard to find now. The totality of the structure are made from wood and leaves, water is purified from the sea water, ingredients are freshly sourced from nearby villages and soap, shower gel, shampoo, tooth paste are organic. The welcome gift is so special, organic and recyclable toothbrush and surprising sunset, one of the best according to other islanders. Very romantic for couples. Love MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge!
— April L, Singapore
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Beautiful Island Lodge with the utmost consideration for environment and local community. The bungalows are comfortable and effective, leaving you with a feeling of being in nature with the ocean sound and amazing sunrises/sunsets. Our visit was the perfect getaway from the city. One of the highlights was the vegan menu with wonderful dishes beautifully prepared by the local Papuan chefs using only locally sourced ingredients. Perfect place for a diving getaway or relaxing break in the remote islands of Raja Ampat.
— Gareth D, Bournemouth - UK
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I have been to MahaRaja three times. Every visit was a completely different and unique experience. The shape of the beach, the corals change along with the season. The only thing that never changes is the hospitality of the people on the island.

I love their great smile and warm hugs. I strongly recommend the night snorkel or dive with the UV light. It was amazing to swim and observe the underwater life at night without disturbing the fish with normal light. It is very eco and environmentally friendly. I definitely enjoyed my adventures here!
— Meiyi J, China
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This is both a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a place you grow fonder of each time you come back. I liked how every day brought discoveries, not just on the surrounding fish, corals and jungle but also in the villages, this amazing project of Maha’s, all its contributors, how it keeps growing and mutating.

And yet it is all been perfectly relaxing. Away from the world to allow you to reconnect with yourself. First time I did snorkeling seriously. The experience was an eye-opener, as fulfilling as scuba diving: schools of fish, outherworldly landscapes. We went on a fluo night snorkeling, and discovered a universe of lights, tiny coral dusts, vivid colours, small by majestic jelly fish, moray eels, blue sting ray and wobbegong. And when you lift your head out of the water after an hour, you find out this was all under your windows.

Thanks MahaRaja!

Une semaine de paix, de souvenirs partages ou seul face a un paysage sous marin plein de couleurs ou des nuages de tous les gris, blancs et roses. Et un esprit de communaute, d’amitie, de conversations qui viennent et qui vont, jamais imposes, toujours proposes J’en reviens tranquille, remis a neuf.
— Mathieu V, Paris - France
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We found a small piece of paradise is in Papua. In the middle of the ocean, MahaRaja is the perfect place to disconnect to reconnect. :)

Reconnect with nature, with Papuans and with lovely guests. This land is a diamond that we need to preserve. It is the perfect place to discover Raja Ampat and get to know the amazing Papuans.

Diving experience: Safety first and brand new gear in the most amazing dive sites in the world. What else? :)

The view from the bed will blow your mind. Do not miss the opportunity to talk with the owners. Their passion for ecology, for diving, for sustainability and for the Papuan is endless and equal any adventure book and story.

Forget your watch, wifi, email and come live with the rhythm of nature. That is what we did and it became the experience of our lifetime. I definitely know where my next vacations are going to be.
Thank you Maha for the unique souvenir.

NB: Ask to try the pink electric boat! We enjoyed the unbelievable quietness of the sea while waiting for mantas, dolphins, dugongs and sharks to wave us! :)
— Elsa P, Singapore
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What you guys and all the Papuans people have done here is incredible!

I know I keep saying it but this place is amazing! It’s the perfect size, awesome location and a truly authentic experience and the effort that has been put into making the whole lodge 100% eco-friendly all the way, down to the type of tooth brush we use, is impressive.

When we first pulled up to the lodge from the boat, my immediate thought was “this is what I’ve been searching for”.

When you think of a tropical paradise, you think of white sandy beaches, palm trees all over the place, water so clear the boats look like they are floating, and huts built on stilts over the ocean- and MahaRaja has all of it! I could stay there for months! And the wildlife that is surrounding the island is plentiful and incredible - I could sit on the dock watching the ocean all day long. Thanks so much for hosting us and hope to see you again soon!
— Jenna C, Michigan - USA
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Thank you for welcoming us in your slice of paradise! This has been by far one of the best memories during my 8 months of traveling. You, your staff and the local Papuans were incredibly welcoming, friendly, and caring - exactly what people are looking for that would stay in this environment.

The food, waterfall hike, snorkeling, diving, volley ball on the beach, everything will be remembered for a long time. The world of diving needs more people like you and places like this!

Thank you for taking us in like family and making everything so easy!
— Doug S, Chicago - USA

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