Our experience at MahaRaja, by Thuy Anh and Luc


As we could not find words to describe our experience over the past weeks,

we have chosen to compile a list of things we will miss after leaving Maharaja:


...Enjoying the incredible sunsets from the swings on the beach

...snorkeling in the most amazing coral reefs right from the jetty 

...spending hours in the water to get the perfect picture of Nemo

...the introduction to the world of scuba diving by dive master Sophie

...Not touching your mobile phone 

...eating peanuts and enjoying home-mixed cocktails under a starry sky overlooking the ocean

...not being aware what day or time, it is

...having this view from our bed

...baby sharks following you as you whistle

...the fantastic food from Christine, particularly the sambal

...showering outside on your terrace while overlooking the corals 

...the friendly Papuan people

...opening coconuts with a machete 

...trekking through the jungle to find a waterfall

...discovering new species everyday 

...reading a book in the hammock, enjoying the sea wind

...taking out the pink solar boat to discover new islands and snorkelling spots

...The warm hospitality from Maha, Sophie and everyone on the island

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